Phoenix Engineering produces packaging machines to help companies grow and get their product out the door more efficiently.  See below for a few videos of our products in action.

This GP3000 with the PF6 feeder is dispensing 6 gummies into a sachet. It is capable of up to 6 different products with multiples of each.

The StickPack machine is capable of doing up to a 7″ long pouch at a rate of 36 cycles per minute. It can contain powders, liquids, tablets and devices.

This system is filling 1oz of liquid into a 4 side seal sachet with a GP3000 and a REB liquid filler.

StickPack machine with a REB liquid filler. This machine is making 25mm x 175mm stick packs filled with liquid.

This system has a GP3000 Pouch Machine and a Per-Fil Auger Filler to fill sachets with powder/granular product. We have done systems with Coffee, Tea, Spices, Protein Powder, Drink Mixes to Industrial Sealants.

This system takes a magazine or product, inserts them onto a conveyor and then liquid is dispensed onto each pad and then dropped into the GP3000 for a 4 side seal sachet.

For more Phoenix Engineering product videos click below for our channel on YouTube.