Stick Pack Machines

The StickPack is a vertical form, fill and seal pouch packaging machine. The StickPack fills and seals various products using flexible packaging material into long narrow bags with a top/bottom and fin seal.

Stick Pack


The GP2000 is a 3 or 4 sided fold over seal type intermittent motion horizontal form, fill and seal pouch machine for packaging pharmaceutical products, nutraceutical products, vitamins, multi-vitamins, candy, teas, spices, desiccants, liquids, lotions, creams, powders, dental products, medical products and hardware.

Customized sealing dies can form packages and pouches from a multitude of flexible pouch materials.

Standard package width is 3″ W by 5″ L up to 6″ W by 7″ L.
Minimum bag size is 2″ W by 2″ L.
Package Seal Types: Standard seal widths are 1/4″ for the sides and a 5/8″ seal for the top seal.

  • Machine Frame is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel.
  • The tooling plates are machined from T6061 plate stock then black anodized.
  • Safety doors are made from high scratch resistant Plexiglas material.
  • The Plexiglas doors have CAT 3 safety interlock switches for operator protection.
  • A program logic controller PLC with an operator interface key pad controls the GP2000 functions.
  • A digital temperature controller provides accurate temperature profiles.
  • Power Requirements: 120VAC\60hz\15A single phase
  • Pneumatics Requirements: 100 psi @ 6 C.F.M.
  • Dimensions: 63″ H x 30.5″ W x 37.5″ D
  • Net Weight: ?????lbs.